Slight play in one of the two Y Axis motors/pulleys

Hi I have a 1000mm machine, been cutting things very successfully, but noticed once I started doing some 2 sided machining (using indexing pins that run dead center to the work piece) I am getting some slight variances on test holes in the same position when flipped. After going through a bit of squaring exercises, I haver found that the gantry with two y motors, the one on the left closes to the xcontroller is rigid when motor is engaged, while the one on the right has about 1/4 inch of play in between locking.

Any thoughts on what might be causing the play?


disregard all… as I was posting this i decided to go out and check the pulley - turns out one of the set screws is gone! no idea where it went - yikes! disappeared into thin air I guess. I’m order a new packet of set screws, will update this thread when I get it to see if that has an affect on the play

Yep heading to Ace Hardware tomorrow to get myself a bottle and will be re-doing all of my set screws once I get them from Inventables.


M3 socket heads from Home Depot work great. The larger Head lets you torque them down a bit more. And like Bob said Blue Loctite is your best buddy.

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how do we order more set screws. I was just about to upload a video showing this exact same thing.Still have to confirm. But can’t find on the site where to order the screws.

I used m3 socket caps instead as I’m not a fan of set screws. Also they are easier to get hold of, at least locally anyway

suhweet… thanks. Calling now and hoping the same outcome.

UPDATE: yup… just watched my video… sure enough, pully is moving, shaft is not. Support is already sending me some new set screws. Love these guys and gals in this case.

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I had these on hand so I replaced all of my set screws with these…much easier to deal with. And of course…a little blue loctite.