Sloppy Radiused Corners

My machine seems to screw up very consistently when I try to make cuts like the ones in the attached photo.
I have gone through all of the V wheels and belts, and they were indeed loose, but it hasn’t changed the results much at all. Also tried lowering feed rate, plunge rate, depth per pass, but pattern is consistent. Not sure what to do next.
Machine is an X-Carve with X-Controller, limit switches, no probe, 611 router with 1/8" straight cut bit. Using Easel. Material is knotty alder planed to 5/8".
Any ideas?

It is often the case that bits aren’t exactly their stated diameter, might want to check that and compensate as needed.

It all boils down to lack of rigidity, and Easel not supporting lead-in/lead-out.

During plunge/retraction no (very little) sideway force is excerted but once it start carving there is a considerable sideway force pushing the bit away, opposite cutting direction. This will cause a minute deflection and will appear like a “dimple” at the plunge point.


I agree with Haldor. I had the same issue and made a quick mod that helped tremendously. I mounted a 1/2 square tube along the insides of the Y rails. I mounted with some of the makerslide nuts. It strengthened the rails just enough to eliminate that issue. Cost less than $25 to fit to both sides.

a few photos of this mod in a post would be greatly appreciated.

Not exactly the same thing, but some of us have used angle brackets to the same effect…

There are also several options (many listed here on the forum) for buying pre-made stiffening brackets.

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Thanks for all the info. Watching the machine cut, the stiffness explanation totally makes sense.