Slow, Slow, Slow

For some reason, whenever I generate text on a project, the window and easel skid to a halt. I’ve updated all my drivers. I’ve restarted. I dont know what else to do. Is this a known issue? How di I fix this so I can finish a project in under 3 hours?

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This function occurs on the users computer, so the issue must be on your end. Could be the browser youre using, another limitation of the computer like processor speed or available ram…

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Nope, all I have left on the computer is edge and chrome. I’ve deleted the cache and browsing history, installed and uninstalled, checked for updates. It’s getting to a point where things are straight up disappearing.

share the project?

How do I do that? Any time I click on any part of the project, it stops and errors out. It does this in chrome and edge

project dropdown- scroll to bottom

I’ve been working on trying to get text on this screen for over 5 hours. Something Isn’t right

your font size needs to be increased, it’s smaller than a .25"

Even when I try to change that, the entire thing freezes up and takes ages to load and or move. It cant be just this computer because when I try my other one, I have the same issue

When I try to “make a copy”, another tab opens, says about:blank and nothing happens

I will agree it is taking a very long time to render the preview of that carving operation (someone else was commenting it would be great to be able to turn off automatic preview rendering. I think the problem is you have A METRIC CRAP TON :registered: of text. The problem is your poor browser is trying to generate a 3D model (the preview is 3D, not a 3D carve) of a staggering number of tool paths. Consider breaking up the text into say quarters or something and then doing it as 4 successive jobs. It got my fans all hot and bothered on my machine which is 8-core i9, 64GB of RAM and a big GPU, so pretty sure it is just too big. The clue is the 3D model lurking behind the wood on the right (which is the preview trying to show the 3D model of the tool paths) and the Generating… at the bottom which spins endlessly.


Also try deeper depth, using too shallow of a depth creates flat bottoms which take even longer to calculate and longer to generate a preview…


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