Slowing junction deviation parameter ($11) to help with loosing steps

Has anyone searched for an optimal value for GRBL parameter $11? Seems that slowing in the corners may help avoid loosing steps. I’m planning to look for the best value durring my next few carving jobs.

You could start here:

I usually carve acetel with 1/8th bits. I’m kind of liking how $11=.010 behaves. Seems to slow just a bit when changing direction. But I don’t think it’s costing too much time overall.

I’m a little surprised that there is not more chatter on parameter $11. It does seem to affect the chance of loosing steps, particularly when operating at higher feed-rates. I’ve settled on a value of $11=.005. The last job run at 100ipm, with 1/8 bit, in acetel lost no steps. The part is the wing saddle shown in the linked drawing and video.

Yes, this should be discussed more.

I was having issues with my machine jerking when it would end a cut or come to a stop to start the next pass. After reading your message I ended up looking at GRBL parameter $11 and it was set to 3000…YIKES. No wonder! Now she runs smooth at .010. I’m using a Openbuilds Black box on my Modified X-Carve.