Small aztec sunstone clock face

thinking $25 with the clock guts…

5" total. 4" carve. 90deg vbit. amana with replacable blades rc-45711. 75ipm.

bit was too high on first pass. I did a clearing pass with a 3/4" router bit at 0.05"… win. Fun to go at 100 ipm and make big chips!


Nice! How long did the carve take?


danish oil medium walnut

danish oil medium walnut && minwax american chestnut

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15-20 min. its just a 4" piece.

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whats a reasonable price Bob?


lets say yes…
petty sure its beena-pine…
came in a huge lot of smaller wood craft pieces.

Stamp “Custom made in the USA” on the back and sign it and ask $75, just make sure that the Chinese components can keep time. :wink:

wheres the diameter to price equation?

what things most affect price?

wood species? size? carving time?

All depends on the quality of the hardware used :wink: … You can make your own

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$25? Not sure why you want to work for free.
Even if the wood was free to you, wood is not free. No reason to pass the good fortune to others.
Time to setup, time to carve, tool wear, time to sand, sandpaper, time to oil, oil, clock mechanism, installing clock mechanism. Where is the 30 to 40% gross profit margin?

undervaluing the worth of your own work…
thanks for the feedback on the specifics of the time and tasks it takes to do the work.

Your calculator says my sign is worth $4.44.

I think there ought to be a more robust cost calculator based on @JoeMartins tasks.

to myself: challenge accepted!

@ JeremySimmons Where did you find the graphics to do this with? I am a newbie and still learning.

links are in this post.

like @RobertCanning said, please search. the forum is pretty awesome

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Thanks guys.