Small bug found (new thoolpath) [not a bug]

Hi !!

carving my last projet i found a little non critical bug (or feature lol)

during my cut i place a tab (2mm wide, 2mm high)
my material was 10mm high

and my cut settings
plunge 100mm/min
DOC 2mm

so “normaly” the tab will be done only on the last periferical cut
but, on the before last, on the placement of the tabs, the bit raise a verry little bit (like 0.1mm)

that surprise me a lot cause the time for geting the bit up, is realy short, and almoste unvisible
i first juste notice the block of x and y axis
i was afraid that was some loosing step or overheating in the controller (adjusting potentiometters…)

i hope my explication was clear that’s not easy in no native language…

so that’s a feature or a bug ? xD

okay thanks ! my bad !
that was a little confusing at the moment, and it was the first time i realy use that much the tab function…

so basicly with the parametters

wood 10mm high
cut settings : 1500mm/min, plunge 100mm/min, DOC 2mm
and a tab 2x2, it will let met a tab higher than 2mm?
and that “ok” ?

(im not complaining, i just want to understand)

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