Small end mil

Anyone out there have any success using a 0.0078 or 0.2 mm? I bought some and want to try them out I know they wont last but I like to test my abilities.

What material(s) do you plan on cutting with that end mill? That’s an awfully small bit to use…maybe for engraving?

I bought the Xcarve to carve detail in wood mostly Western Maple. I bought them as test to see if they will work and I can get rid of the bit error showing up.

I messed around with a few 1/64 (.015625) when I first started, trying to do fine detail in oak. Gotta go real slow and try not to cry when they break pushing them too hard. I’ve settled on 1/32 (.03125) as my smallest reliable bits now and just accept the limits they impose. Also, I sometimes just lie to easel :slight_smile: and tell it to carve away with the bigger bit. … some recent test cuts in various driftwood:


It seems like a vbit might be a better choice for that type of work.

Did you try multiple tool changes?