Small tray with some scrap hardwoods

1” thick. Maple, cherry, and walnut.

Put the first coat of Behlens on. Hope to have about 4 or 5 coats on by this time next week, then give it a few days to polish.


looks super nice. good job.

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I Like the colors! NICE!

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Nice job. Do you use vcarve?

Easel. Just simple shapes then cut to overall size in the table saw.

Cool. Do you use a ball nose endmill to get the nice curved bottoms?

Whiteside bowl bit.

Nice tray! Just curious, did you do your whole cutout with the bowl bit? I have been using a 2 stage cut with a 1/4" EM and a 1/2" - 1/4" radius bit but this would save a lot of time and I imagine the bottom flat to curve transition would be smoother

Entire pocket was cut with the bowl bit. 3/4” bit. 55ipm, 9ipm plunge, .02” per pass. Probably could do a bit more in the depth per pass, but it works good for me so I’m not changing it right now. Probably will when I get the linear Z and get the Y braced up.

dam, you call that scrap wood :slight_smile:

Yep lol. You see that dang sap wood on the one walnut strip?!? There was some sap wood on the others but I managed to arrange it so it would be cut out during machining. I had planned on using it for something else but the sap wood ruined that…therefore it’s scrap. HOPEFULLY visiting a mill finally on Monday, I may come out of there broke lol

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I like a little sap wood in my walnut boards - nice work though!

Hey, that turned out awesome, nice job.

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Had a little extra wood left so I made the wife this for her office or whatever she wants to use it for. Basically needed to make it to test a different varnish, but whatever, she’s happy lol