Smallest font size

I’m sure font type (and probably software) would influence how small one can with a router, but I’m interested to know if there is a practical lower limit on a non-laser fitted X Carve, assuming a tiny (very tiny) bit

Actually, it’s more a function of:

  • material (esp. if wood, the grain and its orientation will affect this)
  • carving style — one can go quite small with a V-bit
  • endmill size / geometry — esp. the taper of a V-bit

though at very, very small sizes machine rigidity, and the number of steps and backlash will become limiting factors — but I don’t think such small sizes would be that useful, save as an advertising stunt along the lines of engraving “The Lord’s Prayer” on a piece of metal type as ATF did once upon a time.

I did quite small text on the dial for a pair of calipers:

and here’s a page on the engraving machines which made use of such publicity stunts:

Thank you for the response. I have a map project in mind that would I’m sure be better suited to a laser setup. (future endeavor) I’ll probably give it a try with the router and just see what happens. No definite plans on material selection, but that’s a great point. Wood grain and it’s orientation could create quite a cluster.

Roger that. Looks great. Maple would clearly be the wood of choice for tiny lettering.

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