Smallest shank usable?

I haven’t purchased a Xcarve yet but would like to know what the smallest bit shank diameter is that can be used on it? I typically use a 0.045 and 0.054 diameter dental burr bit for my work. But the shank is less than 1/16".

The smallest Shank size is determined by the smallest collet you can find for your particular spindle.

The “standard” 24V spindle uses an ER11 collet so you have lots of choices (you can find them everywhere) the smallest ER11 Collet I used was 1/8 inch but you can find them from 1mm to 7mm in size

If you are going to use a router like the Dewalt dwp611 then your choices will be more limited. The smallest collet for the 611 that I have seen is the 1/8.

But you may be able to find adapters that allow a smaller shank to be used in a 1/8 collet.

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So, you’re openly suggesting to Stock Spindle owners, use 1mm bit, 1mm per hour feed rate and 1mm depth. :slight_smile:

If they use a 1mm bit at 1mm per hour the spindle may last several days before the bearings fail.


Thanks, that is what I needed to know.