Smart clamp button not working

The button in my smart clamp stoped responding.
This makes the Carvey unusable.
I read that several people have the same problem and Inventables is not selling the button as a replacement part.
Any trick to make in work without the original button?
Any idea why Inventables is not selling this switches?

I wrote to them hoping to get a new one, but since this is a known problem I feel like this should have a more straight forward solution.

Do you have a source of compressed air? If so, blow the area out around and under the button and see if that will sort it out.

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Inventables is sending me a free replacement, super quick reply , great support team!


If you want to fix the old board, the switch part number is in this thread.

I see this is an old topic. I had problems with waste dust getting into the switch. Blowing it out helped, but only temporarily. I put tape over the wiring exit point and it never had the problem after that. :slight_smile: