Smartphone Amp. WiFi Radio and Mediastation

Hello Everyone,

A few years ago, without the X-carve carve I decided to built a Soundbox for my Laptop with integrated amplifier.
After that I build some Loudspeaker, but had no Idea what should I Do with them, then i bought the X-carve and the Idea growes to put a old smartphone together in a Box with an amplifier.

And Here is my totally carved smartphone Amplifier WiFi Radio and Mediastation :smiley:

The Box is Made out of bamboo wood painted black, the amplifier is an 2x 35 watt 12 V one from ebay.


that is pretty awesome… guess you wont be using that phone anymore ah ha ha

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Thank you @BlueLocktite. Hahaha because of the the Kilo of hot glue to fix it? :smiley: at First I want to fix it with some wood stripes, but I want to finish it :smiley: no it is an old one that I only want to use like this :slight_smile:

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