Smoked g shield

so… i was trying to tuck away the controller box… and accidentally disconnected the red black power wires. Then… I reconnected them backwards and smoked the G shield. Do you think my arduino will still be ok? Id say i definitely have to order a replacement g shield. But im concerned about the other boards too. Arduino still lights up. Any input would be great. besides calling me an idiot… :blush:

Disconnect everything from the arduino and see if the arduino IDE recognizes it…probably gone as well. Sorry for your loss :frowning:

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thanks, good idea. it is only the circut for the fan that has any visible burn… but ill hook up arduino seperate and see what happens

Where did you find non counterfeit UNOs for $15? I would like to buy some.

Here is how you tell if it’s genuine.

We purchase an UNO R3 off Amazon and the package it came in said “Made In China”, but maybe that particular one you linked to is real. I will have to purchased one and find out. Thanks.

pulled it out, lights are on… but nobody is home. ordered both replacement parts. CUE THE SAD MUSIC

fun side note. it also fried my right side usb hub on my laptop… what a day