Smooth Idler "Sticky" Spot?!

Hi, I assembled the X carriage as per the instructions but when I was putting on one of the smooth Idler wheels it appeared as tho there is a “Sticky” spot on one of bearings as it rotates… After it was all assembled, I slid it on to 2 rails to see if it was noticable, and just slifing it back and forth, I can feel a “Ticking” or a twitch each time the bearing hits that spot.

Is this going to be a problem? / Is this a common problem???
or Once there’s weight on it it won’t make a difference?
If it is a problem, do I need to buy a replacement set or do i contact support?

Brent Sancken

Contact support. They are fantastic.

I figured that because of the holiday, I would wait till the 26th atleast. I was just hoping to see if this was normal or not.

I had a similar issue. They told me they had a bad batch. My issue was wheels that weren’t round. Somewhat oval shaped.

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