[SNAPPED] 3 Bits Down

Hi Everyone!

I have broken 3 bits already. This happens during travel. I would be halfway through a project and the z-axis would NOT clear the board during travel, 2 things would happen: 1) carve/mark the path of travel (ruining the project) and 2) Snap the bit!

During the first 5 minutes of the project, everything works great. As the project proceeds, the z axis contacts the board during travel.

I have tried the following:
Reduce cut depth
Router setting 1
Feed Rate: 40
Plunge Rate: 12
Depth Per Pass: .03

Go into machine at the top and then click on advanced on the bottom. There should be a screen there that shows your saftey height. I think the common setting for Easel is .15 raise it to say.75 and see how that works. It will slow your carve time down but should raise the bit high enough to move across your work. You can change it to whatever you want that is just an example.I would say you may have some other problems with material or your waste board but that should get you by for now.

AWESOME! Thank you! I will get some foam and give this a try.

What other issues do you think i may have?

Either your material is not flat or your wasteboard is not flat.

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Initially, i thought the same; just find it weird that it only happens halfways through the project.

Not sure but you can try the height change and see how it works.

Is the Z axis pulley slipping on the screw?

Great point, ill have check this out as well

Z axis slipping or the bit is not tight in the collet.