Snapping to Grid

I have seen a few topics here about snap to grid as a request, but have never seen an inventables reply if this is being considered.
Is there an easy way to make simple shapes that are sized accurately? I have attached a simple shape that is easy to draw but I have no idea how to make exact size. Do I need to create this in Cad and then import?
I would think this should be simple.

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Use the line tool. When you pull a line it is blue. When it is square to another line it turns red. The only other way is to use the drop down menu and type in exactly where you want a point on the x,y axis.

I used the line tool, what I was hoping for is a way to specify a x,y coordinate for each point. I didn’t see any way of doing this with the menu. Are you saying there is a way?

P.S. I will have time to play with the software as I just broke a belt. Different issue… I am guessing this is me over tightening, I was having issues with chatter when the tool was climb milling. I think I need to change step over from 40% to something more or less.

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No, that is not available. Sorry your belt broke. You only need to tighten them to about 3.5 lbs pulling up one inch at the center.

Make two rectangles the size you want them, use the tools in easel to align them, combine them then use the XY coordinate (position) to place them on your work piece



Awesome, not sure why I didn’t think about combining them! Simple solution.

Thank you!

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