So close and yet so far away

I am at the calibration stage. When I get to the part were they say to move the carriage to see if the wheels are moving smoothly well all I can say is it feels like when you are driving and you have either a very low tire or a flat. Why would it feel like that? It isn’t a constant feel and just every so often. Also there is this part that I have a question about. If you ordered your machine with a Z-Probe, you can now fasten the Z-Probe barrel connector port and its wire to the x-carriage. However, if you have the dust collector kit, don’t attach the barrel connector just yet. You will use an extension bracket that is included with the dust collection kit to attach it in a later step. I haven’t run into the part where I even hook up the dust collection yet. And next I will be going online, so where do I go to find these instructions?

Thanks for all the help.

After a little searching, here is the info about the dust collection.

No idea what you are talking about with your flat tire. Maybe your machine is racked/out of square.

Thank you for showing me where the instructions are, I thought that I had looked everywhere. On the part with the flat tire feel its when you move the carriage back and forth and you can feel the little thumps every so often. I have it squared or so it shows its square. I loosened all of the top vwheels because it was so tight moving it but that still didn’t stop the thumping feeling. I know I am not explaining this very good but it’s the best I can do.

I think I understand what you mean. I think it is just the nature of the stepper motors. When you move the carridge/gantry at certain speeds, the steppers could feel very smooth, and at other speeds, it feels “jumpy”. It all has to do with being close or far of the mechanical resonance of the motor. So i think you should not worry.

Be aware, when moving the carridge/gantry by hand, the steppers will act as generator and in worst case damage your stepper controller outputs. That’s the theory. But just to be safe, I disconnect the 4 green stepper connectors on the X-carve when I move the carridge/gantry a lot by hand.

When you tighten the v-wheels, you do’nt want to overdo things. When I did it, i tightened it until I could not turn the wheels easily by hand anymore. In worst case, you could crack or deform the wheels.

Thank you.