So Close, any suggestions

first carve, using @RobertA_Rieke calibration test. I am using a 1/8" ball nose until the other bits come in. Its pretty close any thoughts on what to look at first?


There are many things that interact that could cause the issues here.

Start working through this:

thanks I will try these tomorrow

Also, don’t overlook the set screws in the pulleys on the motors. These will back out over a short amount of time. Use blue loctite to get them in there. Blue also lets you back them out if you ever need to as well. This was my problem after going through all the other things everyone suggested.

not completely sure what I did, but it is a lot better. Not sure how to fix the circles not being circular

It’s much better. Fix is to repeat the above. Something is still not quite right.

From the pocket at the upper right, it appears that you still have issues with the X axis.

I had some wacky circles in the beginning (still trying to get alignment perfect on my machine…) and belt tension was a HUGE game changer. The manual has some vague instructions but @RobertA_Rieke did an awesome video on setting belt tension with a luggage/fish scale. Took me from ovals to circles

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