So, how are BOTH DXF and SVG import broken?

I have tried multiple ways to import two simple designs into easel. i have a perfect SVG, designed in F360, converted in Inkscape (my daily workflow). it is super simple, but the SVG import only gets about 20% of the design, and none of it is oriented correctly… so then tried DXF, which i usually avoid, (because i use inkscape for connecting paths etc) and it grabs even less of the design…


You have 20 objects visible in the SVG, but there are 25 total objects in the SVG.
I removed the invisible ones, and it worked for me.
Can you share your F360 file? I’m curious about what happened.

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CHRCHJKO v2.f3d (44.8 KB)

@ChristopherLathan I exported the dxf from Fusion and it imported right into Easel. I’m not sure what happened in the first version you posted.