So I hacked my dust boot

maybe it’s just me and maybe I was doing it wrong but putting that boot off and on with the collet in the way was driving me nuts.

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If you use the jog controls to move the spindle up after Z-probing, your machine will not lose the Z=0 position. If you manually move the spindle (i.e. by physically turning the nut on the lead screw), it will lose Z=0.


I thought that should be the case but it lost Z after doing just that tonight. Then again something else was going on too so I don’t know. I really do like sliding right past the collet though especially given I haven’t lost any measurable amount of dust control.

I’ve thought about the same, but zero the machine then just press jog up 1 or 2 inches and proceed. Don’t even have to move back down. Once you set home, that’s it. Move wherever you want and when you click carve, it’ll reference from where you set as home.