So, i haven't made my presence known.. GUITAR GOODIES FORTHCOMING

Hey there!

i am currently plotting on the actual purchase and receipt of my machine, but i have a TON of data that is just itching to be converted to reality…

first one, A 100% accurate tele neck. please give it a peek and see if it is helpful, or what i need to do differently on the next

Tele Neck

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i did just notice upon reopening the easel project that there are still two radii left from the skunk stripe slot. i have another SVG that has the skunk stripe if anyone wants it

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and i apologize for this one being BUSY… but i’d rather you be able to take away what paths you don’t want

body and pickguard

Can’t view. This project has not been shared publicly

Crap. Will fix that

did that work?

here’s that svg

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For the record. As of about 2 weeks ago, the extent of my graphics software knowledge maxed out at MSPAINT. but I’m in the learning mode on inkscape for now trying to get ready to order my machine. I make and sell guitar routing templates on eBay, by hand. Now with a 3 month old, I’m having to streamline and expedite the process

I saw yours @robertcanning. I thought the pickguard might serve as well.

I have about 6 gigs of PDF, dxf, DWG etc for guitars. I’ll be building a library as time allows

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I did that on purpose, so that I can remove pieces, cuts at will in easel. Then select all that are left, edit>combine. As far as how, in inkscape I chose path>break apart. Again, I am only just beginning to learn ANY of this stuff. I apologize if my green enthusiasm leaves a little to be desired

Hope to spend some tutorial time over the weekend

Would you like the PDF? i have reached my newbie post limit. sent a message

Does anyone have copies of this? None of it will load now.

Which file was it?

The body and neck. When I click on the links nothing loads, just a blank page.


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i deleted some old projects in easel. these are just the SVG files i used

Thanks, looks pretty cool.

anything else? i have a ton of stuff… at least in pdf