So, Inventables has dropped support for the 24V Spindle on X-Carve

I wonder if they’ll still be shipping Carvey’s with 24V spindles… I mean they must have a huge stock pile of these things. What stinks is I doubt a router would fit in the Carvey case. So… are Carvey users just going to have to settle for the old 24V moter?

Looks like the Carvey will have a 48v quiet cut… Not the same as the 24v and from what I’ve seen of those who got the quiet cut spindle it is more reliable.

I’ve got the 48v 400w silent spindle and have been happy with it. Will eventually go for a DW611 but am not in a hurry at this point.

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I’m running the 300w 48v QC spindle after the 24v crapped out shortly after getting my machine and have no complaints. It keeps up with everything I have wanted to do thus far.

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