So this happened

I needed to go to the bathroom and got side tracked but came back to this on my project. No idea as to why this happened. Just bummed because I have to start over.


That stinks!!! Can you tell what happened? Did it lose a step or did the project come loose?

I plan to hang my mishaps on the wall of my shop. Worst thing happened to me so far was the Z stepper motor let go of the screw and the spindle dropped as hard and deep as it could into the project. I was on that E button fast but it was scary.

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I know that feeling! I have my mistakes hanging up also :slight_smile:

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No I cannot tell. This was a second pass of the carve. No idea.

My mistakes become firewood. :blush:. Because to many to keep on the walls. :sunglasses:

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OK well found out what happen. It was an unusual day in the shop because the AC was off. AC is always on when I am in there or even a fan something. It got really hot in there and the rubber track for the X axis got stretchy and lost it tightness. I figured that out when I tried to “home” the machine for the next carve and it was messing up.

Thanks for everyone’s help and ideas.


I think i can help, do you have a dust vacuum?
I had the same thibg happen to me.
The issye miggt be gcode corruption. Too much static electricity causing feedback to the controller. I wrapped my vacuum hose with copper ribbon then grounded the ribbon into a wall socket. My issue disapeared.

something similar happened to me. When the bit got very hot, the collet must have expanded, slightly, and the bit fell down several millimeters (enough to carve into the aluminum support under the wasteboard).

One reason the bit got overheated was I picked out an old piece of CDX plywood to carve – not willing to waste my good birch plywood. Now I realize the exterior glue is very hard, and the appropriate speeds and feeds for that plywood are totally different from birch plywood.

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