So your thinking about starting a business with your X-carve?

Hey everyone so I made a video showing how I tackle different processes when it comes to order processing

I go step by step on what it takes to receive a customer order all the way to completion.

Let me know what you guys think and I would love to answer any questions that you might have about making money with your X-carve.


Very nice, thanks for all the detail in the design and such! I’m halfway through it now, will be bookmarking it for when I start to use F360.

Very educational. Thanks.


you are welcome I hope to make more videos on fusion 360 I see alot of videos out there on how to use fusion for a metal lathe or mill but not so much using it for a cnc router


you are very welcome

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hey robert if you have any ideas on videos for the software please let me know I am always looking for ideas

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I have had issues with Fusion. Still trying to figure out how to do stuff with it.
Its not like Solid works which I am more familiar with.
Need to watch some tuts.

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what sorta things are you struggling with?

I might be able to help

I think I just need more training.

Yeah there is a little bit of a learning curve with it but once you have some basic things down it all goes pretty easy

let me know if there is anything that I can ever help you out on

Thanks I will keep that in mind when I get a chance to play again. :smiley:

I have been to alot of solidworks workshops and simenairs but its just a crazy expensive program I dont know how you guys afford it lol

I bit the bullet and paid almost 700.00 for v-carve and man that was high lol

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you lucky dog lol

Idk fusion 360 is just as capable if not more so and I love that program

I am using an educational version. I do not use it for my sellables.
I did shell out 3k for Maya 3dsmax and Motion builder. LOL

lol sounds like you the 3d printer man for sure

what are your capabilities in the 3d printing world?

and yeah lol I learned on fusion 360 and its funny I look at solid works and call it a real pain in the arse

I can print just about anything I make.
The one I have is an Airwofl3d HDR printer Dual head.

Made some cash with it.
Just have had bad luck with it lately.
It was failing larger print jobs. :confused: Couldn’t get it to do any size over 4"
Now that I have solved the issue I can print what ever I like.
Here is the most complex thing I ever printed on my 3d printer.
Everything on the horse cart is printed. Even the tack. The horse, velvet seat cover and the seat springs werenot 3d printed.
The metal bits were wire I bent to create the buckles.



oh thats neat

I was looking at machines the other day that are additive and subtractive manufacturing all in one I think thats the ultimate marriage in manufacturing processes

The best 3d printers are the ones that use the liquids. SLS/SLA
Expensive but they are good with the details.

yeah I was going to ask how much finishing work went into that horse and carriage lol

most of what you see is straight off the printer.
the rims were painted.
The tires were printed by printable rubber material.
Some of it was glued using acetone as it works as a glue with ABS

oh thats pretty good what micron resolution do you print at?

have you ever printed in the wood type filament? jj