SO2 Stopping and Going with Easel

So, very interesting phenomenon started happening tonight for the first time ever. I’m cutting my first cut on linoleum and my SO2 is pausing in the middle of a cut.

What’s crazy, is that when I shut the spindle off and back on again (stock SO2 crappy dremel knockoff) it starts right back up. The spindle is not connected in anyway to the Arduino/G-shield. They happen to be plugged into the same outlet, but not even directly (there’s a surge protector between them).

My random guess is something to do with the linoleum causing static. Otherwise I’m lost.


Thermal overload protection ?

Good thought, Andy, but I don’t think that’s what it is. Though I’ve never experienced that so I couldn’t really tell you.

I do know, though, that it stopped when I moved onto cutting wood later last night. It’s got to be related to the linoleum. I’m just so glad the cut resumed in the exact same place after I flipped the spindle power off and back on. Fortunately its plugged into a surge protector with a rocker switch.