Software for Laser

I Just reserved my place in line for a Laguna CO2 Laser Cutter EC model with a 150w laser.

What software would you recommend to use with this machine?

I own a Full Spectrum Co2 laser and I use CorelDraw to do all my bitmap and vector graphics. I then send it to RetinaEngrave software which is made by Full Spectrum to use with their machines. In RetinaEngrave I can control the speed, power, vectors, raster and so on.

Laguna should probably have software that does the same.

To do the graphic part I recommend CorelDraw. I bought the full version for $500 which is not that bad for what you get.

Thanks Joe. I believe that the Laguna does come with its own software but it is basically the same as you describe for the full spectrum.

I was assuming Corel Draw is one of the biggest contenders.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8?

Yes, but you could find cheaper versions on Ebay. For laser engraving and cutting, X5 on up is fine.

I’m sure your software will be the same for your machine but any line set to "hairline’ will be for vector cutting and anything larger will be for raster.