Software for newbies

Hello I am thinking hard about purchasing the 750 x 750 X Carve and I have a question about what software to use. First of all I am a complete idiot with a computer. I will have to have a program that will be simple and will have to be self taught So with that being said I am open for suggestions Thanks for any replies…

You don’t need the x-carve to play with Easel. Try it out first, search through other’s projects, get a feel for it.

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I would have to agree Easel is the place to start. If you can use MS paint you won’t have issues running Easel.

Thanks for the quick responses . I dont know what MS paint is but I have played around with Easel. It seems fairly easy.

You don’t know what MS Paint is? … how old are you? Tell me you’ve at least heard of Clippy (different program, but culturally relevant).

I am 60 years old and like I said a complete idiot about computers and no I dont know or heard of Clippy .All these programs that everyone has mention I know nothing about.I am getting close to retiring and have done wood turning and wood working but all this computer control stuff is all new to me. HMMM maybe this is over my head . Hard to teach a old dog new tricks. Thanks again

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Oh! I thought you were too young for MS Paint! It was a popular way to waste time in my university computer labs back in the day, but it’s been all but forgotten (and recently dropped from Windows OS, I think…?). I’m still adjusting to the fact that things I took for granted in my earlier days are ancient history to “kids today”. I’d lumped you in with that population.

I really hope I haven’t discouraged you! If it makes you feel any better, I do most of my XCarving just using Easel. If you can grasp that program, I think you’ll have enough fun with the machine to make it worth your time and money. And later, after you’ve had some success with Easel, you can look at expanding to other software if your projects demand it.

Easel is really the best way to start learning but you will find it has limits. You can design complex carvings with it but it will take a great deal of time. I would suggest using Easel until you are comfortable with it and at the same time going to YouTube and watch videos on how to use Fusion 360. Between Easel and Fusion 360 you should be able to carve just about anything you can think of.

Personally I use Easel for small projects like signs because it is fast and easy but if I want to cut a part of some sort I will use Fusion 360.

Well I finally ordered the 500mm X Carve and will attempt to start with Easel. My so which is a CNC Programmer at his work place said that he would help me get started. So wish me luck and stay tuned for what happens.