Software for vcarve machine

I can not get internet in my shop and I have and a few USB flash drives i was wondering if I can use the USB flash drive and also will I be able to use the machine in my shop

I would also recommend you check out the Carbide Create software as you can use it offline to design and create G-Code and then use any G-Code sender you like such as UGS, UGS platform, Bcnc, cncjs. Easel, and others.

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Chilipepr is cloud based like Easel

Just curious. What are you using? I use UGCS, which works well enough, but I’m open to try something else.

I like and use Picsender. its simple and reliable. It isn’t free like UGS but at $25 I think its totally worth it. I have run gcode files with a half million lines with my laser and never had even a hiccup. That plus Jeff @picengravertoo offers customer service that is second to none. He helped me a whole bunch with getting my laser dialed in and my first projects.


Gonna check that out. Thx

That was 1 of the main reasons to use UGCS. I use the macros for touching off tools and setting home mostly. Really handy.

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I like that. Gonna give that a try if the occasion arises. Are you still using Easel? I thought I saw that you switched to vcarve, or were thinking about it.