Software glitch with latest driver update?

Hi guys,

Want to do a barometer check and see if I’m alone here. The last carve I ran was a few weeks ago and went smoothly, today I went to do a very basic tool path (tried no less than 5 times) and the machine would quit at varying points and return home, nowhere near completing the job.

I’ve never had this happen before, and I can’t imagine it is a sudden case of USB dislodging or internet connectivity issues during the cut.

Has anyone else been seeing weird behavior from their machine in the past couple weeks?

A few more odd activities:
If I’m being lazy and “use the previous zero position” which has always served me just fine when conditions make sense, I had one cut drag the bit through my material to get to a false zero position, and after breaking that bit, a couple (early return home) times later I tried to start from a previous position again and it plunged all the way through my material down to the collet before I could hit the oh shit switch. Neither of these zeros had been set EVER - as it was an unusual position of the material, have never set a zero remotely where the machine jogged to

One more actually - at one point I hit Z Up in succession very quick as the machine was unexpectedly plunging and it entirely ignored the top limit Z switch and sat there grinding belt

All of which I have never experienced prior to the past couple weeks -

Is this a software release issue? Or local hardware?

What firmware and driver version are you using?

Do you home your machine?

The switches are not limit switches. They are only used in homing process.

I see this post was originally from a couple of years ago, but I am currently having the same issues. Did you ever resolve this problem?