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Software maybe?

hey guys I’ve got a couple quick questions i need some help answering. my machine keeps reverting back to 750X750, I purchased the 1000. this is not something its done before. just started maybe a wk. or two ago. I try and set up machine and it reverts back to 750. my receipt from a year ago also says the 1000.

my homing switches seem to work other than when i do the setup. I’ve got to skip that process all together. again like the last wk or so. Machine seems to run correctly, except not letting me utilize my whole work space. Any and all help will be appreciated.

I’d go through the setup again where the software asks you the questions. I’d bet it’s the computer.

X-Carve Instructions: Computer Setup (

Each time you run Setup the controller board is given its parameters. This is only required once.

Unless you go through the Setup every time you use the machine its most likely browser-/cache related. Tried a different browser?

The main change in parameters between 750 and 1000 machine are GRBL parameters $130 and $131 which tell how “large” the machine is. And those values only apply if you have soft limits enabled.

Jame’s I made a short video asking a few questions to hopefully clarify a few things:

I click the set up my machine button. i did notice that looking at the other settings, ahhh its the cache, thanks man. watching your video and i remember seeing that my cache were set to clear. i will try again later today and see how it goes. thank you

i did it were inventables asked the questions. it just started happening so i was confused. i believe its because i didnt shut the clear cache off

thank you. ive realized now it because the caches was being cleared. i appreciate the feedback.

how do i change the $130/$131 settings? they are set to 750mm

see my post 3 in here:

Calibrating my X-carve 1000 - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

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good, the cache fix should resolve the constant erasing issue… regarding $130 and 131, those can be set manually in the Machine Inspector (go to Machine>Advanced>Machine Inspector) and you can hand type in the line " $130=1000 " and send and then repeat for $131

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