Software options for a newbie

New here to cnc but I do have 3d printers that I know about.
My new x- carve will be her tomorrow. I am not understanding the software process?
I am using sketchup with my 3d printers but not sure what to use for cnc.
I perfer to use something that has more features than easel but looking for free programs.
I see online fusion 360 is a option? not sure what to use?

Start with easel, then check out Fusion (also free), and watch the vectric vcarve videos on YouTube, that’ll help while you’re getting familiar using Easel.

Yeah. It’s going to be easier to do get things up and running in Easel. Once everything is calibrated and set up, then start looking into things like Fusion 360. It’ll be easier to track down any initial carving errors that way.

Ok so what is the process of software cam to cad then to g code converter? fusion 360 is which type?

Definitely start with Easel - it helps you understand how the machine works and does most of the heavy lifting for you. As far as free options beyond that. I’ve looked at both Onshape and Fusion360. Both are free to use and come with CAM options. Onshape’s CAM solution, Kiri-Moto, even has a built-in gcode sender. I haven’t tried Onshape yet, but I was able to design some simple stuff in Fusion, generate gcode for it and send it to the X-Carve without much trouble. There are some great videos to show you how to do this.