Software Stacks

Hello, First post, looking for your guy’s best software stacks for 3D carving, If you take the time to link me to a sight that would be awesome. Im not afaid to pay for software either.
but yeah, anything for design and translation to G-code and Machine control.

Aspire or VCarve

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I’d like to think that everything is listed at:

If there’s anything missing, please let us know and we’ll see about adding it.

Some notable options:

  • Moment of Inspiration — very nice for free-forma sculpting, esp. if one uses a graphics tablet or tablet with an active stylus
  • Shapr3D — 3D CAD sculpting on an iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil
  • Solidworks — industry standard w/ inexpensive licensing options for US and Canadian veterans and members of an experimental aircraft association
  • MeshCAM — probably the easiest 3D CAM tool:
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 — available on an annual license basis (free for some folks)
  • Vectric Vcarve or Aspire — pretty much the standard for folks doing signs