SOLD - 1000 x 1000 with “Fully Loaded Kit” - Seattle, Washington SOLD

HOW MUCH: $950

WHAT: 1000 x 1000 model with Fully Loaded Kit (except digital calipers). Able to include wood (not pictured).

WHERE: Kent, WA - 98031. Kent Meridian Area. Able to do personal delivery within a few hours range. I do not have the experience or means to ship it.

DESCRIPTION: Wife and I used as an opportunity to make things together. Has 50-75 hours of run time. Works great.

WHY SELLING: Having to take on additional responsibility in personal life and will not have time to use, and likely not have space either. Mother passed in January, and trying to gather funds to financially assist my father.


  • 3 Photos of X-Carve Machine.
  • 1 Photo of extra build components.
  • 1 Photo of extra accessories.
  • 1 Video Router Running.
  • 1 Video of Motors being Jogged.

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For reasons I am not sure of - I cannot see any way to edit or alter my post.

Is a forum mod able to edit the title and original post so that the new asking price is $950?

@SethCNC can you help with this request?

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Asking Price UPDATED

If you see these 3 dots the allow you to “show more” options and it will expand the buttons out and then pencil looking one is the Edit option. There should also be a pencil to the right of the title which allows you to edit the title (and the category it’s assigned to)

I’m sorry for your loss man!

@SethCNC When I click those, I don’t see the edit button - and the title doesn’t have it either :frowning:

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Ohh, i see the issue. I think that edit function only comes in after so high of a “member level” which happens after interacting so often within the forum. That is very odd that it wouldn’t let someone edit their own post no matter their time on the forum :man_shrugging:

I would like to purchase this machine. We are in University Place south of Kent. Please contact me to work out the details.


@DavidJoyner sent you a PM. Thanks for reaching out!

@SethCNC Unable to edit my post, but it has been sold.

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