SOLD 1000 x 1000mm - Highlands Ranch, CO


Screenshot 2022-09-16 234249

WHERE: Highlands Ranch, CO (South of Denver). Pickup or I can do personal delivery within a few hours range, but will not be able to ship.

DESCRIPTION: Purchased in March 2022, probably less than 10 hours of use. I did spill a bit of resin onto the wasteboard, hence the oil-looking stain. Some resin seeped into the metal channels between the wasteboards but I scraped as much of it out as I could. There is also a chip in the acrylic vacuum hose plate, but it did come with a spare (the blue U shaped piece in the accessories picture).

WHY SELLING: I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would - and my current living arrangements for the foreseeable future make it unusable. I think it deserves to go to someone who will be able to utilize it more!



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