[Sold]1000mm unbuilt kit with many upgrades

Hi All,

Got a kit for fathers day from my wife and kids but just not comfortable assembling this thing. I’m going to probably buy a small assembled machine to get started.

Open to reasonable offers. Willing to ship.

ACME z screw
DeWalt 611
NEMA 23’s
Arduino/gshield Motion Controller
Power Supply
Drag Chains
Limit Switches

Sorry no wasteboard

It’s not likely that you are going to find a small machine that is as good as the X-carve for any where near the money. Have you considered having someone put it together for you?

I believe there are some services that do it for a few hundred dollars.

Maybe there is an X-carve user in your area that would put it together for a fee.

Hi, where is this located ?

Thanks, Keith

South Florida. Fully loaded minus wasteboard plus upgraded pulleys and belts (cost $100)
I have several serious inquiries from a few other forums. Asking $1350 includes shipping in USA
Paypal payments only please.

Sold :grinning: