(SOLD) 1000mm X-Carve for sale - Indianapolis, IN

I am selling my 1000mm X-carve. I have a small print shop in Indianapolis and not long after purchasing the xcarve was blessed to get my hands on my dream printer (HP latex 360), therefore, this machine did not see a lot of use. I basically had fun with the build and learning about CNC machines. The usage of this machine was a few custom boards for family friends, that is all.

It has upgrades including the dewalt 611 and custom attachment for a shop vac so no mess. The sell will include the x-carve, dewalt 611, and the extra bits I purchased (never used). Currently the machine is fully assembled. I have no idea how to ship this as it is big, would prefer local pickup. I will just have to see what offers come through. Any questions just ask and I will be glad to answer.

Asking $1200

Thanks for looking,
Brent Doughty

Look at FedEx Freight Boxes. I believe the largest box is large enough to fit the machine fully assembled and it is one price per geographic zone up to 1,200 lbs. My guess is that it would be about $250 to get all the way to CA and obviously less closer to you. CitizenShipper or UShip are also other options.

Thanks Greg! I appreciate the input

how old is the xcarve.

Here are the specs, of course the dust guard. dewalt included, extra bits also.

X carve still for sale?

yes sir

Sent you a PM

Hi Brent, is this still for sale? New member to the site and tried to send you a direct message but couldn’t figure out how.

Is this still available? I’m an hour from indianapolis.

SOLD, sorry I am unable to figure out how to delete this.