(SOLD) 1000mm X-Carve For Sale, SE Michigan

I have an original model 1000mm X-Carve. It has the X-axis rigidity modification in the form of aluminum T stock and bolts. This has made the gantry solid with no perceivable flex. This has the NEMA 23 motors and ACME leadscrew upgrade as well, and new homing switches. 3D printed dust shoe parts and Z-axis dust cover go with the machine too.

$800 without spindle and mount and with original motor controller


ADD $300 for DeWalt 611 router spindle/mount and complete set of PreciseBits precision collets (1/8", 3/16", 1/4")

ADD $300 for NIB X-Controller

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Good Day!

Is this machine still available?


Yes, it sure is.

Where are you located at?


Sorry, I replied yesterday to this message via email, but it didn’t make it back to you. I forgot that you can’t reply to the email notifications from this site.

I’m in Lapeer. I could meet somewhere if my location is not ideal.


This your CNC still available?

Yes. This X-Carve classic is still available.

I just looked up Lampeer, MI… I was thinking you were on the South West corner of Michigan. I was way off. I would be coming from Wisconsin and that would be a lot longer then I was thinking. I gotta think about when I would be able to make the trip.

Thank you for such a quick reply!


Is this unit still available by chance?

It is still available.

I sent you a PM

Is this machine still available, I’m very interested.

Yes, the whole package is still available. I am also including a few brand new bits that I haven’t listed in the original post.

Is this still available? Thanks.


I can’t seem to figure out how to message you. Is there a way to send you a personal message?

Do you still have this machine?

Yes, this is still available

It will not let me message you. Can you message me?

PM Sent