SOLD -1000mm X-Carve for sale - Utah- SOLD

I am selling my 1000mm X-carve. It has seen a good amount of use but is still in great shape. It was the fully upgraded kit at the time of purchase (mid 2015):

ACME lead screws
Power supply
Drag chain

I have also added a X axis stiffening mod, one that didn’t require drilling into any part of the X-Carve

This WILL NOT include the Dewalt 611 router but it does come with the mount for one.

The machine is still fully assembled, however some of the wiring will need to be reassembled and attached to the power supply again. Pretty simple stuff.

This has been an amazing little CNC but its time for me to move on to bigger and crazier projects so I would love to see this go to a good home.

Asking $900

Is this still available? Willing to ship?

It is still avalible and i would be willing to ship.

What would shipping cost to zip 26101? I would be interested.

Give me a couple of days to get it weighed and I’ll let you know.

This still available? I’m in Utah!

It is still available

I’ll pm you

Did ColeChapman beat me to it? I am looking to buy asap and am in Utah. Please message me.

I sent you a DM.

I am lowering my asking price to $800 and will include the DeWalt 611 router.

Is this, still, available?
Where in Utah?

It is. I’m in American Fork

Do you have any pics? my son lives in Eagle Mountain

Thanks for the pics. How can my son get a hold of you, so he can come and see it in action.

Ive sent you a message with my contact info.


Any problems with it?

Hi Randy. It’s a beast and runs great! I hooked it up recently after taking out of my shop and it’s still preforming like a champ

Hey There! in UT. Very Interested.