<SOLD> 1000mm XCarve - will ship

Hi everyone,

Looking to sell my XCarve. I live in an apartment and thought I could make it work - turns out I was overly optimistic, so I’m selling it.

The XCarve is the older style - doesn’t have the X-Controller, etc. It DOES have a Dewalt 611, the upgraded stepper motors, and limit switches (which have been mechanically installed but not wired in. It also comes with the precision collet (1/8") in addition to the standard 1/4" and wrenches for both. Also comes with a series of bits from Think and Tinker for making PCBs, a set of micro drills for PCBs, and a pack and a half of engraving bits. Does NOT come with the Inventables toolkit…the way my workbench is set up, all of the tools are in one area, so they’ve been mixed up.

I’m asking for $1000 shipped, OBO. $950 OBO if you’re in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to pick up. I have over $1500 into this. Like I said, it’s been fun but just isn’t practical for my situation.

Thanks for looking!


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If noise is the issue then the X-Carve isn’t the problem, the DeWalt router is the problem. Do some research on air or water cooled spindles. Much, much quieter! This video gives you a good example of both (start video at 4:46);

I’ll grab it from you, shoot me a email. You would have to ship it

Is the wasteboard in the picture? If so it’s upside down (the frame is above it?). The drag chain on the Y axis looks backwards too.

Didn’t use the factory wasteboard. And yes, the drag chain is on backwards, that was done to make it fit into the place I had for it better. Works fine and is easily convertable back.

Im getting bounce backs when trying to email you Dustin…
not sure if we had made a deal or not… get ahold of me pls…

Jeff - not sure why the bouncebacks, but it sold to someone else. Thanks for the interest!