*Sold* 1000x1800mm Shapeoko 2 for sale in Northern Indiana

I have a 1800mm x 1000m Shapeoko 2 #8311 for sale. It has the ACME z axis upgrade. The spindle is a DW660. I also put the loc-line dust collection mod on it but it is not shown in the picture.


Would you be willing to ship? or were you selling the table and the cnc together? very interested in it. I live in Virginia but if everything on the unit is working and calibrated I wouldn’t mind driving to come pick it up

Sorry. I sold it last week and already shipped it

May I ask why you sold it?

Yeah. I bought a 66 Chevy pickup that I am restoring and needed room in my garage. I enjoyed using my shapeoko but it wasn’t getting used often enough for me to not want to move on to the next project. It was also at its structural limits for me. If I get back into it, I will build a more rigid cnc than what the shapeoko is.