(SOLD) $1400 For Sale New Assembled X carve 1000mm with extras located in East Tennessee

I’ve decided to sell my X carve.I thought I would have time to use it but I am too busy in my shop to play with it. It is fully assembled and has 0 hours on it .I purchased it the beginning of this year, assembled it and did one small test carve.
Comes completely assembled with X controller and includes: Suck it dust boot,Triquetra touch plate,Z probe,extra Z axis belt,extra eccentric nuts,several new bits from inventables,Freud CNC router bit set,clamp set,dewalt spindle,1/8 & 1/4 collets.
Everything is in new condition and has not been used.It’s just been collecting dust and I would rather sell it to someone who would use it.
The prices is $1400 and does not include the table. I am located near Johnson City in northeast Tennessee.I can not ship.I will be traveling to Nashville the end of this week and could possible meet someone in that area if you are interested. If interested you can email me at baileyswoodworks@gmail.com

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Wow! That’s lots of fun for somebody!

The x carve is sold.