Sold $1900 X carve 1000mm model with extra 1800 rails and jtech laser

Looking to sell my 1000mm x carve with upgraded 269 motors/White steel belts/Zaxis and jtech 2.8 laser setup and extra 1800mm rails and extruded rails to make it larger. Cuts everything from wood to 6061 aluminum no problem and looking to upgrade to something leadscrew/rack and pinion for more heavy duty is the reason for selling. Located in Michigan and looking for local pick up unless you want me to break it down and ship and shipping paid by you. Any questions let me know thru messages.IMG_7981.HEIC (1.4 MB)

IMG_5177.HEIC (1.3 MB)

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How much are you asking?

Price please?

How much are you asking and do you have a phone number I can call. I am interested

With the laser/extra rails and upgrades $1900.

With the laser/extra rails and upgrades $1900 810-305-3682

Xcarve is sold for $1900. Edited in the listing