(SOLD) 2018 1000MM X-Carve for Sale - Orlando Florida

I just purchased a 1000x1000MM X-Carve (Black Friday)

It was an impulse buy. I assembled it and determined it isn’t for me.

It has all the bells and whistles including limit switch kit and z probe kit, drag chain, precision 1/8 collet as well as the Suckit Dust-Boot.

I bought a bit starter pack and some extra bits that I will throw in as well.

Asking $1400 OBO.

I am located in Orlando FL

And here I am feeling guilty about impulse buying a candy bar at the checkout line in the grocery store…

Are you willing to ship?

I am willing to ship but i know they can cost alot to ship.

Where you at?

As a reference, I looked at shipping a 145 lb box 48"W x 26"D x 12"H from CT to CA. FedEx Ground rate was $136 w/ a Fedex acct (just basic non-business acct). If the package jumped over 12"H it then went well over $200 to ship. Or if that 26" dimension grew beyond 30" it would swell the shipping rate. To get a decent rate and also to ship the machine safely you would need to at least partially disassemble the machine. In the end I used CitizenShipper (UShip is another good option) because they could transport a fully assembled machine sitting flat with nothing on top. Still not inexpensive to ship but at least the machine could stay assembled and get here safely.

You could consider using a FedEx freightbox. Anything up to 1200 lbs. flat rate and they supply packaging etc.

May not make sense for you, but assuming worst case (zone 8) it would be $236 and you could ship in one piece…

I’m interested. Houston, Tx. Just getting into CNC. I’ve been looking at these for a starter. Could possibly drive to pickup. I’m not one to read rules of the forums, rather bug other members and ask questions that can be found quite easily. Can I post my contact info or should I wait for you to PM me? Thanks! Travis

pm @Florencio

Still for sale?

Yes it is.

You can text me at 407-241-9900 if it’s easier

hi please email me larryfass@gmail.com I very interesting show me photo thank you

This has been sold.
Thank you