*SOLD* 500 x 650 X-Carve fully refurbished - SW Michigan / South Bend area

After doing so many upgrades to my machine that I basically cloned it, I decided to rebuild the original and sell it. The machine is a custom “expanded” version of a 500mm machine, expanded to 500 x 650. Has many new parts, including:

  • X carriage
  • Spindle carrier (DeWalt 611 size)
  • All new electrics (motors, switches, wiring)
  • Drag chain

Additionally, it comes with the following upgrades:

  • Gates 9mm belts
  • 15mm Z drive belt
  • Heavy-duty lower corner braces with large rubber isolators

Also comes with a set of plates that will put you within $200 of a full screw-drive conversion. I have pre-drilled the bottom of the X-carriage for the drive nut, which will save a ton of potential disassembly/reassembly time. For an additional $30 I will include a set of plates that will put you within another $200 (ish) of a full MGN12 linear rail conversion. This conversion requires some custom made angle brackets, which I will provide the drawings for, and the STL file for the custom side-covers.

This machine is essentially “new” condition. It will include a partial waste board (solid oak) with 1/4-20 threaded inserts installed. Price is $600 with local pick-up only. Sorry, but I don’t have the time or inclination to mess with shipping.

This is an identical size machine with screw drive & linear rail upgrades:

Hi, I am interested in the machine. You can also email me at rls46224@sbcglobal.net.

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