(SOLD) : 750mm X Carve with extras (SW Missouri)

Ordered 9/1, less than 2 months old. Includes the following

Standard X-Carve parts:
Base 750mm X-Carve
Dewalt 611 router with mount
NEMA 23 stepper motors
750mm waste board
Side board kit
Drag chain kit
Homing switch kit
X-Carve dust control system
1/8" precision collet kit
X-Carve 3D carving clamp set
1/8" high speed steel straight bits (2)
1/8" single flute carbide upcut bits (2)
1/8" high speed steel 2-flute upcut spiral bits (2)
1/16" high speed steel 2-flute upcut bit

1/16" carbide ball nose bit
1/32" carbide ball nose bit
1/4" Freud solid carbide straight bit

Extrusions from the side board were placed under the waste
board, making a total of 5 instead of 3.
External power switch added to X-Controller cord
5"-6" linear rail Z axis (purchased 10/11)
3/8" thick steel stiffening plates added to Y axis, 4 per side
1/4 MDF dust shields on either side
3D printed magnetic covers for Y-axis gantry carriage

Also includes J-tech 2.8 watt laser with controller and mount and control PC running retail version of Windows 8.1.

Total cost on everything was well over $2000 without the PC. Asking $1300 for all.
Pics can be seen here:

Is this still available? I live in NW Arkansas and was wondering where in SW Missouri you are located?


It sure is. :slight_smile:

I’m in Springfield.

shane I am in springfield!!! lol

that seems like a pretty outfitted machine I have been thinking about buying another one are you getting a different machine or just getting out of the trade?

Well hello fellow Springfieldian. I’ll be designing and building a larger machine once this one is out of the way.

oh man if you ever want to talk shop on your new build I would love to

I have a few contacts at different places for parts

if you would like PM me and I will shoot you my number and email

nice to meet you as well


I’m up in fort leonard wood…just got a 1000mmx1000mm xcarve. trying to meet some others in the state to talk shop and bounce ideas off of. my email is andredelarosa.ad@gmail.com and my name is Andre Weiss delarosa on facebook. there are 3 of us vets up here running a woodworking shop and we out source stuff all the time so it could be beneficial for both of us. we are also interested in getting another machine with a FREAKING laser on it. so if this is still for sale…or trade…please contact me

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Freakin Laser on it lol !!!

sent you a pm

PM sent.

Machine is sold, thanks to all who replied