SOLD - For Sale: Pre Sept '16 X-Carve 1000mm (Aurora CO)

I have a pre Sep’16 X-carve 1000 in Aurora CO. (6th Ave and Havana).I stopped building it when I got to the electronics because I was going to buy the upgrade kit but never got around to it. I just need to get it out of the garage now because it is taking up too much space. You can either finish the kit with the existing electronics or buy the upgrade kit from inventibles for $409 and have the most current version. I would like to get $200 for it like it is.

Local pickup only

Photo of the complete unit and the spindle.

Local pick-up only or will you ship it as well?



Local pickup only.

I forgot to mention that, I updated the listing.


I am interested. I have a friend in CO that could pick it up for me and ship it. Your photo did not post.

Email me at:

Frank, I sent you an email

I can see the pictures now but I didn’t get the email.

I sent it to with Subject “For Sale: Pre Sept ‘16 X-Carve 1000mm (Aurora CO)”

What it said:
I have updated the photos in the listing. Let me know if you are still interested.
You can tell your local friend I am on 6th pl right by 6th Ave and Havana St in Aurora.

Still interested but never did get that email. We need to work out some arangements.

Sent you a private message through the forum.

Do you still have this?

Please contact me if still available.


I am interested in this X-carve. I will pick-up.