(SOLD) For sale, X-Carve 1000. In St. Louis or Memphis. Willing to ship

I am looking to sell my X-Carve. It only has about 20 hours on it. Runs great, I just don’t need it any more.

-1000mm rail set
-Dewalt 611 110v Router
-Waste board with clamps
-Side board for X-Controller
-Homing switches
-Z probe

I can deliver to St. Louis, Memphis or inbetween for free. Further away for a price. Or I am will to crate it up and ship it.

I would like to get $1000 for it.

Let me know if you are interested.

I’m interested. What’s the wooden block on the end of the left slide?

It is a basic stop for the homing sensor I put on to register off of.

any idea what shipping would be to pa?

It would probably be about $200.

Still available?


Is all that comes with it what you have listed?

Messaged you, let me know what you think.

Yes. That is all that I have on offer.

Are you willing to trade? Kayak, Gun…both? I live 2 hours from st louis and will pick up anytime. I’m retired from the army and my team of three make custom flags, furniture, and retirement plaques for the troops here. This would be a game changer. If theres anything we can work out please text 573-337-2282

It has been sold. Thanks for looking.