SOLD: Heavily Upgraded 1000mm X-Carve in Northwest Arkansas

Heavily Upgraded 1000mm X-Carve in Northwest Arkansas, $2,200 obo
Available for local pickup or nearby meet only, I’m not going to attempt to ship this heavy SOB. This is the v2 X-Carve, with opening drag chain links and 4040 x-rail, along with the following upgrades:

CNC4Newbie upgraded Z-Axis, 6" travel, version 1 with round linear bearings
1/4" T-6061 Aluminum baseplate, drilled and tapped for replaceable MDF wasteboard inserts
Additional 2020 extrusion added to the frame underneath, forming a 3x3 grid
6x 36" Aluminum T-Track lengths, mounted directly to the baseplate
9mm GT3 belt upgrade with steel endclips made by Designs by Phil
2" Y-Rail risers for added clearance, made by Triquetra
X-Controller has Torque reduction disabled and microstepping adjusted for the Z-Axis
X-Controller also has an upgraded (quieter) cooling fan
Includes Inventables Z-Probe Kit, installed
DOES NOT INCLUDE SPINDLE, but it still has the stock mount for a DeWalt 611

I’ve had this X-Carve for 2 years, but have only accumulated 150 hours of run time on it. The motors are the stock sized ones, as I have kept my previously purchased larger motors for my new machine. I would recommend upgrading to 269oz motors to accompany the upgraded 9mm belts already on the machine, but this is not necessary. I would be happy to upgrade it to the larger motors for whomever buys the machine if they want to purchase them in advance of picking it up, or add to the cost of the machine (deposit paid up front) for this. For a bit extra, I would also restore the computer I used as a sender to factory settings and include it with the machine (it’s nothing special, just a dell inspiron, but it runs easel and ugs smoothly). I can provide the computer specs if interested. This machine has been incredibly reliable, and a blast to learn and use. All of the aluminum upgrades and the C4N Z-Axis have made it an absolute beast. I’m only selling it to finance a new machine build. Asking price is set based on all of the additional modifications and upgrades I have put into the machine, as well as the fact that it is completely assembled, tuned, and ready to go. Feel free to PM me to discuss it further, or ask any questions! Thank you!