[SOLD] In the Atlanta Area? 1000mm XCarve For Sale $900

Looking to get fully kitted out in a single purchase? Reach out to me. I have a fully ready and working 1000mm XCarve and a ton of accessories.

From the original kit:
X-Carve 1000mm Rail Kit
X-Carve ACME Lead Screw Kit
X-Carve NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Kit
X-Carve 300W 24VDC Spindle Kit
X-Carve Arduino/gShield Motion Controller Kit
X-Carve Power Supply Kit
X-Carve 1000mm Wiring Kit
X-Carve 1000mm Drag Chain Kit
X-Carve Limit Switch Kit
X-Carve Clamp Set
X-Carve End Mill Starter Set

Dewalt Router
Emergency Stop
Z-Axis Probe
A hang scale (used to adjust belt tension precisely)
MDF for a new wasteboard
Some additional tool pieces
Raspberry Pi for setup with Serial Port JSON Server
Various sample materials (plex, fr4, carbon, etc.) that you can get started with

Separate but, I also have a very large and stable workbench that I built and a dust collection system. Reach out to me for more details.

This is everything minus the additional MDF for another wasteboard. You can see a lot more if you follow the link.

I’m motivated to sell as I only have a few days left for storage. $900

I am interested and located in Conyers GA, east of Atlanta. 540-238-7859