[Sold] Looking to sell my 1000mm X-Carve (I'm near Nashville)

It is assembled and working but there are too many issues that come up in the use of this tool (which are well documented) that I’ve decided I need to buy a more “professional” product.

This would be a pick up only scenario. Please make an offer and we’ll see if we can agree :smile:

How much are asking?
What upgrades and spindle do you have?
Its about a 6 hour drive to Nashville, so I’d like to make sure it’s something i really want.


What are the well documented issues?

I will be coming that way on Labor Day and am looking at an X-Carve

To answer your second question first - the unit is sold.

The most common issues posted are that the belt system for driving the system slip. They use toothed belts that mesh with the toothed drive gears on the motors and they slip - a lot. With they do, even in the slightest way, you lose you 0,0 reference and your carving is ruined. There are a number of work a rounds posted such as using zip strips or heat shrink tubing to keep the belts fixed and tight. Not everyone has these problems but lots of people do. I did and I just got to the point where I know longer wanted to tolerate the number of failed carvings the slippages produced. As I have researched other starter/u-build/DIY CNC machines I have found that belts are avoided in favor of drive screws or direct gear drives.

Anyway, thanks for the interest and best of luck on your decision.

Thanks for the follow up. Wasn’t sure if these were issues related directly to your machine or the product’s design, thus my asking.

If you don’t mind me asking, what kit did you go with? I’m in the research stage so open to all suggestions


Sorry - don’t know where that came from. I bought (and sold) the 1000MM XCarve.

Here’s a discussion related to the same issues I had:


For anyone who reads this who is having the belt-slip issue, the answer for me was simple: I just loosened the screw to the hold-down clamp, folded the extra belt material underneath the bottom edge of the hold-down clamp and tightened the screws back down. And this was such an effective solution that I have never had them slip again. Nor have I had to readjust them.

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